Panic Patterns on the Radio

Zoe Strachan and I have adapted our play Panic Patterns for radio. The director is Gaynor Macfarlane and we were very lucky in persuading the original cast, Selina Boyack and Veronica Leer to revisit their roles.

Panic Patterns will air on Wednesday 8th June at 2pm on Radio Scotland, and will be available on listen again for a week after that. The blurb reads:

‘An edgy contemporary thriller by two of Scotland’s best novelists. Ornithologists Jacq and Fay are on a remote island in the far north of Scotland investigating sudden changes in bird migration patterns. Fay believes these changes signify apocalyptic disaster. Jacq thinks her younger lover is overreacting. But they were meant to leave the island three days ago, the boat coming to pick them up still hasn’t arrived and their radio has been dead for a week. Can they really be witnessing the fallout from the end of the world?’

It’s not often you get to revisit a piece you’ve already written and this has been a very happy collaboration.


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