Memory Cells at the Fringe

. . . the shifting bounds of the relationship and refusal of director Hannah Eidinow to give any solid interpretation imply that isolated in this room an archetypical struggle is being represented, and it’s all the more affecting for it. Instead of bringing to light one fully formed example of hidden humanity, this time Welsh bores straight into the heart of the matter, echoing the locked rooms in all our minds. The List

Memory Cells, originally commissioned by Glasgay!  is at the Pleasance Dome, 1 Bristo Square, Edinburgh as part of this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe starring John Stahl and National Theatre company member Emily Taaffe

Barry has convinced himself that holding Cora as his victim is a legitimate act, an expression of love, a necessary protection. But is Cora as weak as she seems, or does she have her own agenda? Double Fringe First winner Hannah Eidinow directs Louise’s chilling new play. Memory Cells will run from the 4th-30th August, at 5.20pm in The Pleasance King Dome.

Telegraph ****

Memory Cells albeit a rather nasty and unpleasant encounter, poses a great deal of questions about love, protection, power and obsession. There are no weak links in writing, direction or performance and the end result is a powerful and thought provoking piece. Broadway Baby

John Stahl unswervingly invests the captor with the cold confidence of one who cannot imagine a reality other than the one he has created in his imagination, while Emily Taaffe admirably navigates the more complex task of taking the woman through the long process of decline . . . The Stage

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