The Gorbals Vampire

In 1954 around a hundred children descended on Glasgow’s Southern Necropolis armed with kitchen knives and home-made stakes. They told the police officer who was called to the scene that they were searching for a vampire with metal teeth who had killed two wee boys. The vampire hunters were to become part of an anti horror comic-book campaign in Britain and the US and were cited in the drafting of  censorship legislation which remain on the statute books today. Louise has teamed up with Radio producer David Stenhouse to explore the story of the Gorbals Vampire. Through conversations with some of the original vampire hunters, sociologists, MPs and comic collectors they’ve discovered that the mini-mob may have been prompted by church, home and school, rather than horror comics. They also got to talk killer clowns and read a lot of lurid stuff along the way. The Gorbals Vampire was originally broadcast on BBC Radio on the 30th March.  You can listen again here.

You can see two of the original vampire hunters and Louise on BBC Scotland News.

David Stenhouse has also written a piece on the phenomenon for The Sunday Times and there’s an interesting discussion about it on the Fortean Times message board.


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